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My second award

I won another award! Best Score at Los Angeles Film Awards for the movie EDEN.
The movie won a total of 7 awards!
– Best Sci-Fi
– Best First Time Director
– Best Cinematography
– Best Score
– Best Sound Design
– Best Visual Effects
– Best Makeup

My first statuette

Got my statuette today and what a beauty!

My first award

I got an award for Best Score for the sci-fi short movie “EDEN”.

The movie also won Best Sci-Fi, Best Sci-Fi Script, Best Cinematography and Best Visual Effects!


It is now official. I am now on as a composer, scoring the music for a short film called “EDEN”.
Looking forward to when it is released!

New site

Welcome to my new site. It is now fully ready but will of course be tweaked here and there over time to perfect the site and functionality for your enjoyment. If you encounter any problems or just want to comment on something, please use the contact form.

Features on this site:

  • Listen or download my music in mp3 and ogg format for free
  • Buy the CD quality wav format in 44100 Hz, 16 bit and support my work (donate also available)
  • Info about new music releases. Also possible via RSS feed or by subscribing to the newsletter
  • Compatible with iPhone and iPad (smartphones and tablets).

I wish you a pleasant stay and hope you will enjoy my creations.

Site under construction.

Please bare with me. My old site needed a massively upgrade in both design and functionality. The site is soon up and running again. You can listen and download my music in mp3 and ogg format. When the shop module is ready you will be able to buy music in CD quality wav format as well. Please have patience and I apologize for any inconvenience.